Shipping multi-million dollar goods for more than 25 years

Specialists in Luxury Goods Transportation

Whether shipping to the next city or across the world, we have the skills, resources and experience to provide you with the most economical and stress-free solution.


Tailored Import / Export Services

We provide comprehensive streamline tailored import and export services for the marine, civil, aero and commercial industries.

Customs & Quarantine Expert

We have an intimate knowledge of the Australian Customs and Quarantine requirements to ensure your goods are cleared before hand-over upon arrival.

Solutions for Sea, Road & Air Transport

We have the best solutions for sea transport – container ship, break bulk or roll-on/roll-off – and advise on the ultimate solutions for air transport


“Thank you for the effort and care you took in transporting my Riviera R5000 to Auckland. The transportation process went smoothly and the professionalism of your team is to be commended. ”

Christopher Matthewson
Fremantle, WA

“Thanks Lachlan and team for a hassle-free transport of my yacht to Singapore. As this is the seventh time I have used your services, I can most certainly vouch for your competence, professionalism and amicable character.”

Zak Reid

“By far the best team I’ve ever worked with. They truly understood what needed to be done in terms of custom clearance and other regulatory paperwork. ”

R K Felston

“Panamax leads the way in this field. Highly recommend Lachlan and crew!”

Jack Graham